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Accounting service

Choose Smart Accounting

We offer accounting services in Estonia and Sweden. With our services we provide you with a wide range in all areas of a company’s financial sphere. 

We offer smart digital accounting with personal service.

You can leave all the accounitng to us and still be in safe hands.

  • Fixed or variable price

     – Your choice! Some want fixed prices, some dont.  We review your needs and write agreement that benefit both of us.

We offer all services in accounting

Daily accounting

Daily accounting is all transactions done during a day. Receipts are matched against bank account transactions. 


Calculate salary from time reports (digital or analouge), payroll accounting and expenditure accounting.

Monthly financial reports

Financial monthly reporting makes it easy for you to follow the financial development in a company.


As agent we submit your company's tax declarations and payroll declarations online to tax office. Right on time.

Annual accounts and Incom tax declaration

Based on the company's  financial year we prepare annual accounts and calculate the company's income tax. You just need to sign.

Receivable and Payable accounts

Suppliers and customers must be correctly set up and receipts and payments must be matched correctly, to get good control over the company's liquidity.

Use us as you resource!